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This Lesbian Woman Uses Quora To Tell The Problems She Faces

Same sex marriage. Does it sound weird to you? Or you are indifferent to this topic? Well, I think each one of you needs to answer this with explanation, not for me but for being a part of this society.Okay, let's keep that part aside. Let's talk about love. Do you really "think" before loving anybody? Your mind must be thinking and is protective regarding this but is your heart really a thinker? Certainly not!

An Indian girl has proudly come out to be a lesbian in public.

Her name is Anamika Pareek and she chose "Quora" as her platform.

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She portrayed her grief of being a lesbian.

Not only homosexuality is a taboo in India but the government has made it more difficult for the homosexuals to live freely.

Section 377 of the Penal code criminalizes accordant sex between the same gender.

Because of this, there are so many people in the country who are living a hidden dual life, since the society won't accept them.

Anamika says that her parents are unaware of her sexuality.

Moreover, it became more complicated for her when she had to share a room with a girl after leaving home for higher studies.

She says,

“The reason we have to hide and pretend all the time is that society will hate us. The only reason we live in depression most of the times and have suicidal thoughts are that we can’t tell anyone and not everyone is courageous to come out and face the trouble.”