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10 Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Any Apple Product

Note: This post is intended to help you save your money/time so that you invest them where they are supposed to be invested.A is for Apple, that's what we learnt in our childhood but as soon as we grew up and our teachers got replaced with Google, things changed a bit. Now if you search for Apple on Google, the very first page shows you nothing but some stylish modern-day inventions. That's how well has Apple Inc managed to publicize its products.So today, let's grab an apple to eat while getting exposed to something that noone tells, ''Why not to buy any Apple product?''While Apple products are many and the list of lackings are even more, let us take a few of their products like an Apple MacBook Air as example and dig in to the rotten side of the fruit, I mean Apple.''An apple a lifetime keeps the happiness at bay''..

The tsunami of user complaints proves something...

Now that Apple is also targetting the middle-class population or the lower income group, it has the responsibility to keep ''value for money'' at its priority. But the following comments and reviews tell a whole different story. 

#1 Are looks everything to you? 

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and when talking about laptops, beauty lies lesser on how they look but more on how they perform. Here, a user is talking about the MacBook being a failure when professional softwares are to be run and ''repairing'' is a word that this hi-fi invention doesn't have in it's dictionary.Point: Repairing charges are way too much if not in warranty. 

#2 Apple is quite infamous for spying on its users 

Apple is claimed to exploit its app developers. It is also said to be a major patent aggressor. Coming to the spying part, Apple knows and has a track on every of your moves.These points are proof of something that we must note.

#3 A CEO's open letter to Apple Inc. (now you can imagine the exploitation that the middle class goes through) 

In his Facebook post that seems to be a legit and genuine one, he speaks out publicly not caring about anything of the problems he has been facing from months with his Apple MacBook Air.While having technical problems can still be considered, what made him show his outrage on social media was the bad costumer care experience. He was totally rediculed only in a decent way by every Apple costumer care service where he went with his problem.Point: Costumer service is bad.

#4 Battery is a problem, a big one! 

The Apple battery is relatively difficult to access or replace. Also, a bigger problem is that any replacement from the user end is not advisable. This in itself marks as a major problem that almost every other Apple product user faces.Point: 39.7 Watt-hour battery fails massively!

#5 The display isn't pleasant enough to consumers' eyes! 

The 11.6 inch MacBook Air offers 1,366x768 resolution and the 13.3 inch MacBook offers  1,440x900 display. This specification, however, has not been able to satisfy its users who were hoping for a great LED Backlit display.

#6 Single port gives multiple problems! 

This ofcourse is a problem when the machine has to serve multiple i

#7 Software issues and again, the battery problem! 

As was already mentioned by one of the Apple users in the Facebook post shown earlier in the post, the battery life has never failed to disappoint its users. Point: Heavy professional softwares might take life to run smoothly.

#8 An Apple, way too heavy for the pocket!

The hot-bottom problem and the unease that an Apple user(who is always in a hope for the best) faces with the keyboard is not a good news.

#9 Slow processor makes it even more irritating!

1.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor seems to be glittery only to eyes as when it comes to use, you might well get stuck at times.

#10 More to the problems..

The 720p FaceTime camera in the 13.5'' model has also fall short on the expectations. Also, Apple is very strict on managing their applications, and that's why, you never see third-party applications running on OSX or iOS unlike the case with windows.

Will you still cut down on eating Apples just to buy the fancy show-off worthy Apple?

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