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Watch A Guy Perform The 25m High Dive In This Breathtaking Video

I don't know how to swim. Well, that's nothing new, I am no fish. The idea of diving in a pool scares the hell out me. I recently came across an amazing video in which this guy Carlos performs an unbelievable 25m dive. It's not a dive you come across every day. He does a handstand and goes for a high dive.While I was watching the video, I was counting on him to dive, but he disappointed me by delaying it. But that final moment when he dives is really satisfying. I must say, It was 'beautiful'.

He bends inserting his head in the ladder.

He seems to be doing some kind of stretch before the dive.

Well, we got it all wrong.

All he was doing was a handstand. This was his technique. My heart was pounding.

Meet Carlos Gimeno

Well, he is going to perform a 25m high dive that too followed by a handstand. I mean wow!

He turned around for the dive.

He breathes heavily though.

He turned around again. 

I bet now he is gonna dive.

Oh Wow! he now clapped for the audience.

He is one hell of a performer.