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10 True Photos Reveal How People Look At 7AM Vs 7PM

Spot the difference.We can never blame the life dynamics of millennials. They may look odd or rebellious or very 'inappropriate' to most people's eyes, but they make a statement. Furthermore, like humans, they have developed a unique appearance that is dependent on time. Well, most of them are nocturnal or are naturally night persons. That something has to do with their hormones and other biological phenomena that are interesting to know even at the narrow level. The point is, they're rocking their lives, but there's some distinct characteristic they're practicing if you could relate it to time. They have two different faces at night and in the day. Specifically, there's something special about looking at them at 7 am and 7 pm. You will surely get shocked of what you'll see.Read ahead and get the thought.

1. 7am is such a wasteland for this guy.

Apparently, he's a brown-shaded Bohemian hipster coming over bars at night.  

2. Bloated in the morning? Why is that so?

All's just set hours before the next dark club party downtown. 7pm is just the perfect time to blend and get beautified. 

3. He gains more of the golden glasses chain, hipster 'cap' and patterned tops when the party is coming over.

Anyhow, he's hot to some extent for both images.

4. Disc jock or some Electro Dance Music operator when the lights are mostly neon.

Simple 'bae' in a plain tank when the session passes through and the sun just rose to say high to the world.

5. This girl, for example, gets more 'posh' and covered as night rises.

Which explains why she's surprisingly stunning and full or print in the morning. Nothing serious, just cool and fierce.

6. Apparently, to this guy, there's only one major change through time.

That specific distinction lies on the angle his hair strands are standing at.

7. Mornings really get a girl more comfortable and carefree.

Maybe that's after her last night's hook-up partner got everything to get away.

8. For this girl, only!

But mind you, there are so many 'stress' marks flying away at night. Her clothing gets even more attention-seeking.

9. Now, tell me why she gets prettier with that classy collar.

Or more correctly, she just looks more stunning at night since sun-kissing is not her thing, and Mr. Sun is never her friend ever since.