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Vin Diesel Claims 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' To Be In Next Avengers Movie

The Marvel Cinematic Universe, that started off with a super-duper hit, Ironman, has been ever growing since. And as more and more films release and join the universe, we slide along towards the inevitable finale, that is supposed to be wrapped up in the next Avengers movie, Infinity War. The movie is rumored to bring characters together from several movies that have been created as part of the MCU, and in an event that only adds more credibility to the word around, Vin Diesel has slipped out that the characters of the Guardians of the Galaxy are going to be part of the movie as well. Whether or not it truly comes to fruition, only time can tell. But till then, we can hold to our seats in eager speculation.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

The MCU started off with an Ironman, and has had several characters introduced into it ever since.

And one of the most recent additions to it were the Guardians of the Galaxy.

With every passing minute, we get closer to the MCU's big finish - Avengers: Infinity War.

It's said that this movie will bring together characters from various movies of the MCU.

Will the guardians be a part of it too?

Well, the Groot voice-actor, Vin Diesel, has something to say about it.

Diesel slipped out during a Facebook live chat that the guardians will be a part of the third Avengers movie!