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Doctor In Maharashtra Arrested For Murdering 6 People 

The country was shocked when a Maharashtra medico was charged with the murder of an 'Aanganwadi' worker. It agitated us further when he confessed to killing six more people by administering them fatal overdoses of medicines.According to the inspector Padmakar Ghanvat, accused Santosh Pol was arrested last Saturday. He is also regarded as 'Dr. Death'. 

Santosh confessed that he has killed 5 women and one man so far.

Pol's crimes came to light when police began investigating the sudden disappearance of 49-year-old Mangal Jedhe. 

She was the President of Maharashtra Purva Prathmik Shikshika Sevika Sangh (MPPSSS).

General secretary Shaukat Pathan said...

..."She had left Wai for Pune to attend to her daughter's delivery, but never reached there."

The murder.

According to the police, investigations reveal that she was in contact with Pol before leaving for Pune. She was threatening Pol that she will tell the police about her criminal activities. Pol along with his associates, and nurse Jyoti Mandre, kidnapped Jedhe as she was waiting at the Wai bus depot. They took her to Pol's farmhouse which was 13 km from Wai. The next day, Mandre and Pol supposedly administered her with an overdose of a deadly medicine which killed her.Then, they buried her body in the farmhouse. Both Mandre and Pol went underground after this.