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Hottest Beach Volleyball Girls To Make You Sweat At The 2016 Rio Olympics

Beach Volleyball is that one sport which most of the guys don't know anything about. But still, they sit glued to the Tv sets when there's a match. Actually, it is a girl sport whose major viewers are the male population. Let's have a look at some of the hottest beach volleyball players.Related story- The hottest golfer ever.

1. Elsa Baquerizo

This Spaniard can play for the beach volleyball team or the modelling team any day of the year.

2. Marketa Slukova

This Czech beauty is one of the major reasons behind watching volleyball. She is also the most successful beach volleyball player in the history of Czech Republic.

3. Talita Antunes

She is a Brazilian beach volleyball player and was also the FIVB rookie of the year in 2005. She grabbed the attention of Olympic champion Jacqueline Silva when she was just 19.

4. Marta Menegatti

Marta Menegatti is an Italian player known for her curves and looks off the field.

5. Laura Ludwig

Laura Ludwig is a professional German beach volleyball player and she is also the best European player in the history.

6. April Ross

April Elizabeth Ross is an American "beach" volleyball player and is known to play an excellent game.