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This Father Gave Up His Own Life To Save His Disabled Son In A Tragic Incident

61-year-old George Tyson from Cumbria was taking a walk with his disabled son Garry on the A5087 at Conishead Bardsea. The two were taking a stroll when a car approached them. The car was visibly out of control and there was no way both Garry and George could have escaped the blow of the car. That's when George did the unthinkable. He pushed his son aside and what happened next will send chills down your spine. Read to know more: 

Both Garry and George were taking a walk when they saw a car approaching them.

George pushed his son Garry out of the way and took the full force blow on himself. 

George died on the spot and Garry suffered minor injuries 

A 17-year-old male has been arrested for the dangerous driving 

Tyson's family appreciated him for giving up his life for his son's safety. 

My dad's life was cruelly taken away from him. 

"My dad's life was cruelly taken away from him, although through various witness statements, the story is blessed with his selfless act of saving the life of my brother,” Melanie Tyson, his daughter, told The Daily Mail.RIP George. May his soul rest in peace.