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Remember The Boys From 'Charlie Bit My Finger?' This Is How They Look Now!

Does anyone remember the cute little boys from "Charlie bit my finger" video? Well, let me tell you the boys are all grown up and are making it big. For those who didn't watch the video which took the internet by a storm, "Charlie bit my finger" was a video on YouTube which crashed all records and now after 8 years the boys are back.Related story - The little girl from Titanic is all grown up now.

How do they feel about the clip now?

When both of them were asked how they feel about the clip, Harry said, it made me laugh whereas Charlie didn't seem as enthusiastic.

Watch the video here

Boys are all grown up and now they are four.

Charlie, the one who bite, was only 1-year-old in the video but is 9 years old now. While brother Harry, the one who was bitten is 11 years old. They have two younger brothers Jasper and Rupert as well.

Success is sweet.

The parents used the video's success to secure sponsorship deals and the kids have appeared in several advertisements too.

Does anybody else think the same?

The video was uploaded by their dad.

The father of the children uploaded the video because it was large and he was unable to send it to friends over the e-mail.