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11 Things You Must Never Say To Your Ex

The breakup is heartbreaking and dealing or coping with it sounds easy but is for sure not. Relationships are complicated and breaking up after getting relation with your partner complex day by day is surely a result of the same. And when you take such a big step then there must be a solid reason behind or else no one wants to get into the turmoil of sadness. Isn't it?There are post-breakup feelings that instil amongst everybody, may it of anger, hatred or love. But, if you have already committed to a new relationship or your ex has come into a new relationship or say none of the above, you just want to be good friends, you must pursue the following basics in order to make everything amiable.

1. I miss you....

Saying this can put your ex in an advantageous position to play with your feelings if s/he has given up on you.

2. I hate you!

You must be undergoing several kinds of emotions after a breakup but saying this would never help you.

3. I am happier now.

Don't say anything like this to the one without whom you felt incomplete once.

4.. You never deserved me.

It was your fault dating the person with whom you were never happy.

5. You always sucked!

This is one thing which could hurt anybody.

6. Can we be back together?

It is hard for some people to move on after a breakup, but portraying yourself needy in front of your ex is not a smart thing to be done.

7. I would better date your friend.

Just to hurt your ex or take revenge, dating your ex's friend can make it uncomfortable in future.

8. Do you even have balls?

Just to insult a guy, this should not be said, ever!

9. You need a therapy.

This is the favourite pay-back saying of everybody that "I am fine, but you are the one who needs to consult a psychiatrist," but don't you think this is kind of kiddish.

10. You were never good in bed.

The moments at bed are the most special ones a man and woman can share, abusing anything related to that can be hurtful to the other person.

11. I wish I had never met you.

Come on, you were equally involved in the relationship once, and now if it has not worked out, you cannot just blame the other person for today's situation.Recommended for you: 17 Heartbreaking Confessions Of People After Their Breakup