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Heath Ledger's Father Finally Reveals The Truth About His Son's Sudden Death

Heath Ledger was one of the finest actors in Hollywood. He starred in The Patriot, Monster's Ball, the award-winning Brokeback Mountain film, and The Dark Knight. It was in The Dark Knight where he established the finest and scariest version of Joker that has ever graced film viewers.But he passed away in 2008 and left a hole in our hearts. Imagine the pain that his father felt when his talented and kind son just left without notice. Now, his father has decided to reveal the truth about his son's death.

Heath Ledger died on January 22, 2008.

He was found dead in his apartment in New York City. After two weeks, it was revealed that he had a heart failure after using various substances such as doxylamine, temazepam, alprazolam, hydrocodone, diazepam, and oxycodone.

People thought that something was strange about the way he died.

However, there was enough evidence to suggest that the heart failure was totally an accident.

Even if it was an accident, many people made theories and stories.

In fact, critics told their own versions to explain the death of Heath Ledger.

One of the people suspected by fans was Mary-Kate Olsen.

Heath Ledger had been longtime friends with Mary-Kate Olsen. Apparently, Heath called her immediately before he passed away. This was according to the employee who discovered the actor's body.

However, the police saw no evidence to treat Olsen as a suspect.

It was a good thing that Mary-Kate Olsen did not become a suspect without being given due process.

Now, his father thinks he knows what happened.

His father Kim Ledger has an idea about his son's death.

During an interview, he revealed something incredible.

He said that it was really hard for the whole family to accept his son's death, but they had to.

Kim Ledger believes that it was his son's own fault.

According to Heath Ledger's father, it was Heath who put the substances inside him and no one else.

He also said that Heath Ledger's sister named Katie warned his brother.

One night before Heath died, his sister told him that it was dangerous to combine his sleeping tablets with other prescriptions. However, Heath told her that he knew what he was doing.

Now, Heath's family wants to inform others about the fatal effects of painkillers.

Aside from celebrating the achievements of Heath, his family is also helping other people to deal with their own similar problems.Share this wonderful story with your family and friends!