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This Kid Is Giving Tough Competition To The Bollywood Superstars. Can You Guess Who Is He?

This 31-year-old Indian actor is now ruling the Bollywood industry with his charm. Women are going gaga over this man's personality and talent. He is also famous for showing up quirky fashion sense at different events. And the Paparazzi also adore him. Indeed he has won the heart of many by his aura and charisma and they have good reasons behind this craze.His sense of humour and comic timing are commendable as well. And how can I forget to mention, this sizzling actor is one of the most highly paid actors in Bollywood. 

Such an adorable and cute picture, isn't it?

This actor is mischievous since childhood.

Guess who I am talking about?

He recently posted a picture on his Instagram with Akshay Kumar and used #9DaysToRustom. 

And see what Akshay Kumar in a reply posted to his Instagram account.