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This Is Why Akshay Kumar Never Reveals His Daughter's Face

Akshay Kumar is indeed the only star, who with his fantastic recipe of action and humor stands rich and famous in this Khan and Kapoor dominant Bollywood industry. He's been the least controversial actor throughout his career. Akki certainly lives a happy and lavish life with his family.But sometimes, media is very cruel to these celebrities. They never let a chance of getting some spice go slipped out of their hands. And, this time, they targetted Akshay Kumar for their headlines. They claimed that Akshay often hides his daughter's face from the camera.Let's read on to know more what media spies are up to.  You may also like: Twinkle Khanna revealed why she married Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar takes his little princess for a walk when rain washes the land. 

This adorable picture of celebrity-daddy and daughter caught my eyes on Instagram and immediately made me curious to learn more about the fortunate little girl. 

She has a beautiful name Nitara. 

Akshay never lets media meet his daughter. 

He doesn't allow Nitara to face the camera and talk to any media person. 

Many-a-times, star kids have been seen becoming a prey of media headlines. 

For getting extra views and attention, media creates spicy headlines by exaggerating any random activity star kids ever spotted doing. And certainly, Akshay never wants this. 

Akshay wants his daughter stay free and happy, away from the crowd running behind his car. 

Well, he has never been heard misbehaving with media but he is a very concerned father. He doesn't want his little daughter go amidst media glare. 

The Gabbar of Bollywood drew a borderline for media which they can't cross. 

Maybe, Akshay will let us meet and talk to his daughter soon in the future, when the appropriate time comes. Share the story with your friends and family.