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Dad Defends His Son Against The Bullies, But What He's Hiding Under His Coat Is Heartbreaking! 

Bullying is undoubtedly the worst thing that can happen to a child. With increasing awareness about the issue and a large number of anti-bullying campaigns in the past, things have improved but there's still a long way to go. This is the story of young boy who was bullied when he was young. His dad could not see his son go through such a difficult situation and he decided to defend him against the bullies in the most imaginative way. Have a look!

His son aspired to be a Mexican dancer. It was his dream and obsession. 

When his dad enters his room, he thinks his dad has got him a Mexican dancing outfit.

But instead, his dad has got him a Judo uniform.

The kid is constantly bullied by the kids in his neighbourhood. They have made his life worse.

After months of hard work and training, he becomes a pro at judo. 

He wins the Judo tournament and bags the first prize, watch out bullies!

The boy dares to wear the outfit his dad gave him in front of bullies, knowing that they wouldn't say a word or else he'll beat the crap out of them!

Watch the inspirational video below!

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