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Dad Defends His Son Against The Bullies, But What He's Hiding Under His Coat Is Heartbreaking! 

Bullying is undoubtedly the worst thing that can happen to a child. With increasing awareness about the issue and a large number of anti-bullying campaigns in the past, things have improved but there's still a long way to go. This is the story of young boy who was bullied when he was young. His dad could not see his son go through such a difficult situation and he decided to defend him against the bullies in the most imaginative way. Have a look!

His son aspired to be a Mexican dancer. It was his dream and obsession. 

When his dad enters his room, he thinks his dad has got him a Mexican dancing outfit.

But instead, his dad has got him a Judo uniform.

The kid is constantly bullied by the kids in his neighbourhood. They have made his life worse.

After months of hard work and training, he becomes a pro at judo. 

He wins the Judo tournament and bags the first prize, watch out bullies!