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Miami Police Shoot A Black Man Who Was Lying On Ground With Hands Up And The Reason Is ...! 

An innocent black man was shot by Miami Police while the man was lying on the ground with the hands up in air. The whole incident took place on Monday in Florida when a caretaker of health centre went on roads to retrieve an autistic patient who wandered into the street. Well, the caretaker would have never expected to get shot.Read the story to know the actual reason behind the whole incident.Read also: Teenage shot a man dead and posted picture on Snapchat

One afternoon, 23-year-old autistic man ‘Rinaldo’ with his toy truck left the mental health centre and wandered into the street.

For his retrieval, a group therapist and caretaker of the centre ‘Charles Kinsey’ went behind him.

While the autistic man was sitting cross-legged on the street and Kinsey who was lying to him suddenly experience a bullet shot.

Charles was lying on the ground with the hands up and from the other side suddenly a bullet from an assault rifle fired by Police officer struck his leg.

According to police officers, someone called 911 relating that there was a man with a gun threatening to suicide.

Charles told media that the gun was actually a toy truck and he was unable to believe that he was shot.

He was further taken to Jackson Memorial hospital and is safe now.