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Kabali Movie Review: 5 Ways Superstar Rajinikanth’s Kabali Could Have Been Much Better

Wittyfeed's Rating: 3/5Kabali strikes me as a movie which has nothing in it except Rajnikanth. The director tried to cover the violence with the emotions while maintaining the suspense, but I think he gave up at violence and forgot the latter.Music- Music was great, but songs were not good. Santosh Narayan did a good job with the music. The music was a good example of mixing the Indian and the Western soul.Action- South-Indian Rajni style.Story- Full of action.Acting- Rajnikanth has still got it in him, and the reviews are not for him but it's the other way round. Thalaiva is still the boss, dude!

Aag hu mai...

This was the tagline which you could hear in the background even in the most intense scenes. This sentence almost ruined complete scenes for all the not-so-big Tollywood movie lovers.

Minus the action.

Kabali could have been close to reality if there were less of the Rajni stunts. Rajni has been inside the jail for 25 years and comes out as strong as a gymnast which doesn't suit here.

Reduce the bling, man!

The guy, Vijay Singh, who is a member of the opposite gang, wears almost 35 kgs of gold on him. I mean it's a movie right, not some rich gang - poor gang thing. The opposite gang members had more gold than brain in them.The gold ring that Vijay Singh wore was not a ring, it looked as if he wore a complete biscuit.

Drugs and school, WTF!

Rajni's gang had opened a school for children, and all the children looked almost 30 years old which doesn't vibe with the story. The children did drugs provided by the opposite gang members and then came to school to study. It's a school and not some place to hang out after getting high.

The papa-beti scene.

This is the scene where Rajni meets his daughter and has been shot with no emotions which are the most important element to be included.Instead, the scene turns into some photoshopped low-quality video with the father and daughter. The next five dialogues you'll hear from the daughter are pappa, pappa, chaliye pappa, pappa and pappa within the screentime of next 20 minutes. 

Watch the teaser here!

What's with that suit?

Sir Rajni likes to dress well in the entire movie, and the reason behind it is that his wife liked him all suited up. Sir Rajni pulls the style well and looks fab in all the dresses. He is 65 for those who don't know.