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This Is Why Michelle Obama Is The Coolest First Lady

Meet the coolest First Lady ever, Michelle Obama. These days, Michelle Obama has been in the limelight. From her speech been plagiarised by Melania Obama to carpooling with James Cordon, she proved that not only her husband is the coolest President ever but she is also the coolest First Lady too. Let's dig in a little deep. 

Say hello to the coolest First Lady, ever. *drum rolls*, Michelle Obama!

Michelle Obama has been trending on the Internet.

As for all the reasons I stated before. 

Recently, she carpooled with James Corden for a karaoke performance on “The Late Late Show”.

She was picked up outside the White House and had a quick tour around the residency. 

Then she started singing and dancing with James Cordon.

She sang Beyonce's 'Single Ladies'.

Michelle Obama revealed that she hadn't traveled in the front seat for seven and a half years!

Some funniest moments...