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Guy Paid $3.7 M To Sleep With Megan Fox, But Then... 

What do you feel when you think about all the hot ladies in Hollywood, even the Hollywood stars with scars? Count in Candice Swanepoel, Demi Moore and all the other A- list stars.  A not so bright businessman was looking for not so lovely love in all the wrong places when he landed up in an escort agency that claimed to give him an opportunity to make love to Megan Fox and all the other A-list actors. Yu 'Martin' Xu claims to have paid a Sydney based agency $3.7 Million for hooking him up with Megan Fox, the Independence day actress Angelababy, and Victoria's Secret model Candice Swanepoel.  Unfortunately, none of the stars turned up and Yu 'Martin' Xu was left alone with his furiousness. He later decided to sue the agency and get his money back. 

Yu 'Martin' Xu claims to have been paid $3.7 Million to the agency. 

Mr. Xu agreed that it was claimed to him about the deal. If he pays them $3.7 Million, he will be getting a fair chance to have a night with the stars. 

The thing to take a note here is that the agency is defending itself by saying that they claimed nothing in specific to the A stars and getting him the chance to hook up with them. 

While their lawyers are struggling, the agency claims to say that they have contacts with the A-list stars. 

The thing to ponder upon is, How did this guy become a Millionaire if he was so easily tricked into the case? 

Did he not stop and think first before investing this much amount of money? 

Maybe we should let him take a look at all the magic beans we have at our office. That will make him realise the worth of all the money he put into a thing like this.