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Nurse Asks Patient To Drop His Pants In Front Of Her And What Followed Is Unexpected!

A man went into the hospital to get a check-up done and he decided to wait until the doctor arrived. In the meantime, a nurse approached him and told him that she was a professional and she could handle his case. So the man went ahead with the nurse when she asked him to remove his clothing in front of her and change into hospital robes. The man was shocked to hear this. Keep reading to know more about the story. 

The nurse led the doctor to a private room and asked him to undress. 

The man became shy and didn't know if he should undress in front of her. 

The nurse laughed and replied, "not in front of me."

But the man said that she'd laugh if she saw his body. The nurse felt a bit weird and said that she's been a professional for 20 years and she has never laughed at a patient before. 

But as the man dropped his pants and the nurse got to know what was the big deal about. 

The length and width of his male organ were identical to the size of an AAA battery. The nurse tried to stop the giggling but that didn't really work out and she ended up laughing hysterically. 

The nurse felt ashamed and finally composed herself.

She apologised to the man and then asked him why had he come for a check-up and what's his problem?