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It Happens Only In India : 14 Most Amazing Things About India

I believe India is the most amazing, exciting and wonderful country in the world. Agree? Well, no problem, of you don't.  India contains much unusual stuff. They are much more interesting and justify the fact that it is a very different nation than others. We have compiled some astonishing facts about India. Read more here:

1. India's first rocket was brought on cycle.

2. India's Kumbh Mela Festival gathers 100 million people at a place.

3. Tirupati Balaji temple and the Kashi Vishwanath Temple.

They both receive the visitors more than that of Vatican City and Mecca combined.

4. He hasn't eaten or drunk for 70 years.

An Indian man claims he hasn't eaten or drunk for 70 years. After many tests, doctors still don't know how it is possible.

5. Takshashila University

Takshashila is said to be the first University in the world, it was started around 700 BC.

6. India has the largest number of mosques i.e. 300,000.

Which is much more than that of any muslim country in the world.

7. The first train in India ran on 16th April 1853 from Bombay to Thane.

8. The Bhimbetka rock shelters

Bhimbetka in Madhya Pradesh is the home to the world's earliest discovered cave paintings.

9. India has a large number of post offices than any other country in the world.

10. Martial Arts was first practised in India.

11. Chess was invented in India.

12. India is the only country in the world that has an ocean named after it.

13. The world's largest family.

A family that includes a man with 39 wives and 94 children. They all live together.