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Ever Wondered Why Airplanes Don't Allow Using Toilet During Take Off And Landing?

I remember the moments when I was flying to Nepal. That air hostess stopped me when I was about to enter the toilet. I wondered but I had no option except saying 'okay.' I didn't know that airplanes don't allow using the toilet during take-off and landing. Yes, that was the time when my flight was about to land.I kept on thinking and was curious why so. And I know you are curious as well. Let's know more here!You may also like: Where does your poop go in an airplane?

Flying is always a pleasure.

But there are quite a few things we all should be careful for!

And using toilet is the one.

Yes, you are not allowed to use toilet during take off and landing.

To avoid possible dangers!

Jim Gordon on Quora says: "Take-off and landing are the occasions for most aircraft accidents.  The airline wants you out of the toilet compartments to give you a better chance of surviving any accident."

He further says:

"Toilets are not fitted with seatbelts and have hard, sharp surfaces that could injure you during an accident."

Words of pilot!

Pilot Emma Swain says: "In a nutshell, when ever an aircraft is within 1000 feet of the ground, everyone on board must, by international aviation law, be in their seats, wearing their seat-belts.  Obviously this covers the take off and landing phases of commercial flight, but also covers low-level, and a lot of helicopter operations. Toilets are not legally seats, and they have no belts."