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15 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About ‘2 Broke Girls’ Fame Star Kat Dennings

Kat Dennings is a well-known American actress. She was born on June 13, 1986, and made her debut from the HBO series ‘Sex and the City’. She has appeared in many films like ‘The 40-year-old Virgin’, ‘Raise your voice’, ‘Thor’ and ‘Defendor’.Since 2011, she is performing along Beth Behrs in ‘2 Broke Girls’. She is wonderful, outspoken, and is pretty confident in her works in Hollywood. Maybe you have ignored few things about Kat. So here I have summed up a short list of facts about the sarcastic rebel.via : Twitter/Kat Dennings

1. Kat Denning’s actual name is Katherine V. Litwack.

2. She doesn’t drink, smokes or mixes with people doing so.

3. Because of near-sightedness, Kat wears glasses and still she looks beautiful.

4. She acted very first in ‘Sex and the City’ as a spoiled princess.

5. Kat was so smart that after being home-schooled she graduated at the age of 14.

6. She proved her talent when she wrote a script that was considered as best unproduced screenplays.

7. Her experiment of dying hair with coffee did not seem to be working.

8. Omg! She loves collecting and reading books! That’s new to me too.

9. Her inspirational actor is Christopher Walken. So, Kat gives whole credit to him for inspiring her.

10. When Kat’s phone was hacked, her topless pictures were leaked but she avoided talking about it.

11. Kat is dating singer Josh Groban since October 2014.

12. Though Kat’s parents were with her when she chose acting but still they always thought it to be the wrong choice for her.