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This Girl Gets Stuck In Barney Head For 45 Minutes, What Happens Later Will Amuse You 

If you find a Barney costume lying around you, just think even twice by playing around or with it. Though the pranks relating these costumes may be hilarious buy by chance if you stuck in them? Then these costumes cannot be hilarious at all.Same happened with a 15-year-old girl, Darby Risner. When she thought to use the Barney head for scaring her friends but ended sticking into in for long. Let us see how she was rescued.Via: Darby RisnerRead also: A Chinese guy's head got stuck in washing machine

The things started when Darby decided to wear this costume.

Darby from Trussville, Alabama spotted Barney head at friend’s place and so she decided to scare and fool her friends out.

But after 15 minutes she was feeling uncomfortable and stuck out.

She was stuck for 45 minutes. Her friends tried taking her out but nothing happened.

Finally, they headed towards the fire station to help her.

As she did not want to draw much attention so she herself headed towards fire department.