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7 Android Apps You Must Uninstall From Your Phone Immediately 

With new technology being introduced every hour these days there is literally an app for everything you do. You can spend hours listening to music, playing games, talking to a person somewhere on this globe, find locations and what not. The other side of this technological revolution is that most of the app developers disguise their apps as an aid to the user but the apps are just a platform for earning money. Google's play store has received a lot of criticism for its approach of filtering unsafe content and if you are not being careful you might end up getting hacked,tracked or conned.

1. QuickPic

QuickPic used to be an easy to use and user-friendly photo gallery. It had clear communications and frequent updates which led to a well-sized user base. It was bought by Cheetah Mobile last year and it started uploading user data to their own server. One Google Plus user found a raft of new DNS requests which were attributable to the app.

2. ES File Explorer

The free version of this software has been filled with bloatware and adware and it constantly nags you to download additional apps through non-disable-able notification bar pop up.Related story- App If you have ghosts near you.

3. UC Browser 

It is the most popular browser app in China and India, it also claims to have a fast mode which will save your MBs of data usage but all credit goes to compression.


Most of what CLEAN It advertises is detrimental for your phone. For ex- clearing the cache will slow your phone down when it needs to be rebuilt, clearing of Ram only leads to more battery usage and killing the running apps doesn't save your battery as it is claimed.

5. Music Player

This is the most common app and it's let users play audio files which are saved on their devices. This app has lots of ads which is not the thing to get worried about. More worryingly from a users point of view is that it eats data plan and destroys the battery. People who have commented on the Google Play listing claim GBs of data being consumed as well as huge battery drain.

6. DU battery saver & fast charge

It is better to avoid this so-called "battery saver" application. For, this app does not have any ability to change how fast your device charges. This app is the king of all advertisements and it sponsors almost every add that users see in any other app and it manifests its own ads on users lock screens and notification bar. What's with those cool animations and fancy speed graphs? All fake.

7. Dolphin Web Browser

Dolphin browser is an ad free and flash supporting browser and should be downloaded by the user at his/her own risk. Like the UC browser, this app is also a tracking nightmare. The worst of all is that this browser saves the incognito mode web site visits of the user in a file on your phone. Don't believe- check it yourself