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10 Things What Men Say On A Date Vs. What They Actually Mean

Who said only girls are difficult to understand! Even boys sometimes portray something and actually mean another thing. You may have also dealt with many of the boys who are straightforward everywhere in their offices, homes and even on dates. Though there are a few who don’t agree with this sentiment but it cannot be denied that guys throw up many things as smokescreens. Let’s decode the men style of saying and their date lingo.Read also: Thoughts that all get while having the first date

1. If a man says: ‘I had a really late lunch so I probably won’t get anything too heavy.’

But he actually means: ‘This restaurant is expensive than I thought and I hope you won’t order an entree if I don’t.’

2.  He says: ‘I’m an entrepreneur’, but he means: ‘I am at home and currently unemployed’.

Nothing is wrong in describing oneself as an entrepreneur but if anyone doesn’t specify actual business and mentions entrepreneurship describes them as if they don’t do anything.

3. If he says: ‘I normally eat healthy food but today I will have a cheat meal.’

But he actually means: ‘I say this every day’. So when he says it to you, look in his eyes and say ‘Be who you are’.  

4. When he says:"I'm really tired and have a big day tomorrow."

He actually means: "I'm putting this date out of its misery right now." He says this when he is not having a good time with you and if it’s weekend night then he is definitely faking about his big plans.

5.He says: "I've been so busy with work recently."

He means: "I hope you're cool with seeing me once a month, tops."  After you hear this, be prepared about spending few more weekends without him.

6. He says: "I'm not looking for anything serious."

He means: "I'm just here to have sex with you, really." If you are OK with this casual relationship that’s good else move on. But don’t blame each other for wanting things differently.

7. He says: "All of my ex-girlfriends are crazy."

He means: "I'm a big piece of shit." We can’t guess if he’s a sociopath or he likes psychopath girls. Both ways the end will be wrong and the result will hurt you or him somehow.

  8. He says: "You haven't seen that movie? I have it at my place. You've got to see it, like, right now."

He means: "Leeeeettt'ssssss fuuuuckkkkkkk." Leaving the date and taking the girl at one’s place is the universal code for taking her to bang.

9. He says: "I had a great time last night; I just don't think I'm looking for a relationship right now."

He means: "I didn't have a great time last night." It is a very clear indication that the boy is least interested in hanging out with you and so he chooses the normal method without shitting over date.

10. He says: "Crazy weather we're having, huh?"

He means: "I have no idea what I'm doing here, please help me, oh my god, my brain is burning any conscious thoughts I have to the ground and I can't form a single coherent sentence why did I go with the weather as a topic what is happening?"So just help him up!