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9 Sports Celebrities Who Failed To Answer These Weird Questions

Sports personalities openly share their strategies and strengths with the world. They let their fans know about their life, their routine and other things related to them. But, there have been a few instances where the sports personalities have failed to let the cat out of their bags. They were dumbstruck when they were asked a few questions.They are listed down here, and the answers are still not revealed! Have a look at them!Recommended story - 10 Times Tragedy Struck During Sports Events

1. When will Gayle get hitched?

Chris Gayle has been in a living relationship with his girlfriend, Natasha. They also have a daughter Blush, though whenever he is asked the date of his marriage, he fails to answer the same.

2. Mother of Cristiano's son

Christiano Ronaldo, the footballer, was in a relationship with many supermodels. He is still a bachelor, but he has a son who is called Junior Ronaldo, but the name of his mother is still unknown.

3. Why did Dravid declare the inning?

On 29th March 2004, when India played a test match against Pakistan, Sachin was rolling on a score of 194 and the moment Yuvraj Singh who made 59 runs got out; Dravid declared an inning. Sachin missed a double century while the 5 wickets were still left. Dravid could have waited, but he did not. Why? The answer is still unrevealed.

4. Sachin's retirement

On December 2013, all of a sudden why did Sachin Tendulkar announce his retirement from ODI, though the very same day players of the team were to be announced who made their way in the one day T-20 match against Pakistan.

5. Sehwag's story was not true.

Sehwag once said that in a match when he was batting around a score of 200, Shoaib kept on delivering bouncers and teased him to go for a hook. To this Sehwag replied that Sachin is there at the non-striker end, and he will show you how to give a hook and in the next over Sachin hit a six on Akhtar's bouncer. Then Sehwag said son will be son and father will be the father. This was told by Sehwag as is.To our surprise, there was no such match when Sehwag was around 200, and Sachin had hit a six.

6. Why Jaque Kallis doesn't marry?

Jaque Kallis broke his engagement with Miss South Africa Cindy Nell. Jaque has had affairs with supermodel Marisa Eggli, Shamone Jardim but Jaque never married any of them. Jaque himself can only answer the question.

7. Dinesh Kartik's wedding.

No cricketer was present at the wedding of Dinesh Kartik. Some say that his first wife Nikita married his best friend Murli Vijay, who is in team India and anyone who would have attended the marriage might have spoiled terms with Murli Vijay. Kartik himself can only tell the truth.

8. Imran Khan and Benazir Bhutto's relation

For the first time, Imran mentioned about him and Benazir in his biography. He claimed that both were lovebirds while studying at Oxford but Bhutto never verified the news.

9. When will Afridi take retirement?

Shahid Afridi has retired from test cricket as well as one-day cricket, but he still plays t-20 matches. There's always some news coming about him retiring from t-20, but he always refuses the news by telling that he will take his decision after talking to PCB. Now even the PCB has advised Afridi for retirement, but only Afridi Knows when he will retire.