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12 Life-Lessons We Should Learn From Our Favorite Superheroes

" A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles." - Christopher Reeve.Superhero comics and movies aren't about entertainment, but it's about sending a message. They have a common purpose, to save the vulnerable, to act as a shield and eradicate the evil forces. Well, this is just a tip of an iceberg. Every superhero has a depth of wisdom to enlighten us. Read on to find out what are the messages they are trying to enlighten us with. And how we decrypt them, it's entirely up to us.

1. Superman: Know your weakness.

Superman is aware that his weakness his kryptonite. And he needs to keep himself at arm's length or else he is doomed. For us, bad decisions are kryptonite. Haste makes waste, lack of focus etc. are detrimental to our productivity.

2. Jessica Jones: Embrace your 

Jessica Jones is a flawed human. She drinks and smokes, was stalked and mind-controlled. But, she protects people. Also, when she screws up, she accepts her flaws and takes responsibilities for it.

3. The Flash: Be quick.

Apart from the fastest human alive, The Flash, has the superpower to take quick decisions too. Remember, a slow mind may not be your good friend. The tortoise can't win the race every time.

4. Rogue: Some things are better off not knowing.

Rogue (of X-Men) had this superpower of capturing powers and memories of another person. This could often become problematic. Similarly, some things are better off knowing. You don't need to know everything about someone. This often creates a vision of comparing or stalking pursuits, which can often result in something disastrous. Also, it's unhealthy.

5. Iron Man: Be updated with the latest technology.

This is acceptable for every business organization. The market is dynamic and obsolete technologies can hinder the productivity of any business, whatsoever. Invest in latest technologies to be a part of the market competition.Recommended for you: Robert Downey Jr. Isn't Our Iron Man Anymore

6. Jean Grey: Empathy matters.

Jean Grey have this superpower to read people's minds and move objects with her psionics. Yea, yea, I know, we cannot do the latter, but reading people's expressions, body language etc. is crucial for us all. Better be on the safer side than people manipulating us with ease.

7. Invisible Woman: Shield your team.

Invisible Woman (a.k.a. Sue Storm) has a super power of becoming invisible to others. Also, she learned to harness her power in making a shield or a force field. Similarly, one must protect themselves from the external forces by creating an imaginary shield around you. Notice, what I'm trying to say here. Create such mental and physical tactics to tackle all the external forces around you.

8. Captain America: Inspire.

Whatever Captain America does is right. He is fierce, strong and powerful. He doesn't even speak abusive words. Remember, when he says, "Language, please!"Captain America is an ultimate inspiration for all of us.

9. Batman: You'll always need an accomplice.

You cannot catch two rabbits at the same time. You cannot do all the tasks alone. You'll always need an accomplice. Like Batman needed Robin, to save the world. 

10. Wolverine: Heal Thyself.

Wolverine's one of the super powers is that he can heal himself, faster than any human being. Wolverine has a lesson to teach us all. No matter what, your enemies will always try to bring you down, you'll always confront failure. The gist is to pick yourself up and learn from it.

11. Wonder Woman: Only speak the truth.

One of Wonder Woman's super abilities was she could force the truth out a lie. Embrace the concept of honesty. A lie can make things go smoothly in a short-run, but once it's caught, you are doomed!

12. Huntress: It's never too late to do the wrong thing.

Huntress is actually a supervillain at first. She is a daughter of a mobster and falls in love with Green Arrow. She stops killing people for a while but turns toward the dark side again. This is what we shouldn't do. Following the wrong path is an ultimate destruction.