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9 Simple Nail Art Tricks That Will Only Need A Toothpick. #7 Is Just So Pretty

Nail paints are never out of fashion and are always in trend and when it comes to perfect, easy and trendy nail art 'toothpicks' can be put to use very effectively. Be it great Indian weddings or college party's when you are running out of time, easy and simple nail art tricks always come to rescue and then, they look classy too. Here are 9 DIY easy nail art tricks where all you need is a toothpick and I bet it won't take more than 2 minutes. 

#1. Cheetah print, be it fabric or footwear they are every girls' favourite and so is this nail art.

#2. Cute little hearts always look pretty and beautiful. 

#3. Modern art with a toothpick, and I swear it, this is the sexiest look ever.

#4. All you need to do is, splash some nail paint with the help of toothpick and you are done. 

#5. It looks quite complicated but believe me once you start you won't feel that way

Using a toothpick drag the petals out to create nice, sharp lines. 

#6. When you run out of ideas here comes your saviour design. 

Beautiful butterfly monarch nail art.

Just follow the steps and you

#8. My most favorite design because you this one right here is the easiest

3 nail paints of your choice,a toothpic and zero effforts