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Kylie And Tyga Are Back, Kylie Officially Announces!

King Kylie made the social media buzzing with her cuddly Snapchat videos and it's not just a throwback picture or pictures from the past, it is for real. Tyga and Kylie are back together and she made it quite clear to fans on this 4th of July. It seems the couple spent their time nuzzled up to each other and listening music. At least this is what we could make out through her Snapchat videos and Instagram picture. It seems like Kylie cannot leave her husband. This is what she said after getting her Egyptian nail art done. They were never game. Images via Instagram

This picture gives us all the love we had been missing since long. 

Last post of Kylie Jenner on her Instagram.

And we know the love Tyga has for Kylie.