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He Had A Pimple In His Ear And How The Doctor Helped Him Is Bizarre (Video)

There is another viral video that's up online, and it's not what others are usually fascinated about. Beware. This is more than some clips about an inspirational story, an exemplary talent, a lifehack, current events or any developmental scoop. If you're that grossed with physical occurrences in the body--flesh, blood, body fluids, and all that, I advise you to stop reading but you may still push yourself to prove your level of disgust. Otherwise, carry on.Okay, this viral video features how the pimple is popped out of the ear. Mind you, it's not too easy to take the black stuff our of it because it stayed there for too long. Well, if you're interested about this, let me show you what happened.There's a video, too, for lovers of actual actions.  

"Hello, blackhead squeezer!" says Dr. Sandra Lee

This doctor has been gaining popularity for her odd but realistic videos on various medical procedures, including this type of activity. She's really making it to the "pimples popping lovers' market"

In this video, she's trying to treat her patient's black stuff problem

She's that confident but friendly type of 'surgeon.' Everybody's gonna love her, I suppose.

But things are not that easy to be fixed

Putting a significant amount of pressure to detach the large black mass on the patient's ear alone is not that effective. So, she used some intervention.

Dr. Lee injected something, extreme!

It's a clear liquid that appears to be water. But for sure, this compound nailed this surgery.

Liquid drops

This very evident case of spilling marks the excessive injection of liquid. Maybe.

After putting the liquid compound.. blood starts to appear

Oh my freakingly good lord! There's blood, there's blood! Relax, things will be better.