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10 Most Shocking Military Scandals In History

There have been a number of military scandals in history which brought damage to the reputation of the military. It's a shame to any nation whose military which should be the most disciplined entity, is involved in scandals corruption, torture, sex parties and illegal murders.Here is the list of most shocking military scandals which will send chills down your spine. Let's have a look.Recommended Story: 7 Most Painful And Cruel Deaths In History

10. USS Acadia, a ship deployed in the Persian Gulf in 1991 was the first ship to allow mixed sex crew.

Even with the Navy's strict rules against the sexual relationship, 36 female crew member became pregnant.

9. In 2003, photographs surfaced showing US Army's series of human right violations against the detainees of Abu Ghraib prison.

Later, even the Pentagon acknowledged the allegations of physical, sexual and psychological abuse at Abu Ghraib.