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Govinda's Daughter Tina Is All Set To Rock Bollywood With Her Sizzling Looks

Everyone is aware of the huge fan following of the dancing Guru, the all famous actor, Govinda. But has anyone seen his super gorgeous daughter who has already made a bang on entry in the Bollywood industry?Govinda's little daughter, Tina Ahuja is all grown up and ready to dazzle Bollywood. Tina has recently acted in her debut film 'Second Hand Husband' which will be releasing worldwide on 3rd July 2015. Indeed, the girl is talented and is soon to make her father proud. Her sizzling looks and pretty eyes matched with her acting skills are for sure going to make her dreams come true.Well, if you do not believe than just have a look at her killing pictures. These recently captured images of Tina are for sure jaw-dropping and won’t let you put your eyes off them.Here, check these stunning photos of the Govinda's baby girl and do SHARE with us your favorite photo of Tina in the comments below.

Isn't she stunning as hell?

It seems that the Diva will surely have a bright future in the Bollywood industry. She is extremely gorgeous and this picture is a proof. The dress which she is wearing is embracing her beauty even more. Hope she is able to do justice to the benchmark which her father has already set in the industry and will make her eternal presence in the hearts of many.

She's going to be the next diva of Bollywood for sure!

She rocks the ethnic look as a pro.

She has worked very hard to groom herself.

Govinda says she has received many scrpits but is very choosy about her roles.