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8 Most Bizarre Lawsuits You Won't Believe Were Ever Filed In Court

There is a legal system that keeps the crimes in check and makes us feel safe and protected. Some over-smart people try to take advantage of this legal system, and the results are just hilarious. They decide to try out their luck and see if they can get a hilariously inappropriate amount of money by filing stupid lawsuits against nonsensical cases.Here are eight most bizarre lawsuits ever filled by people.

1. Sued an 11-year-old boy.

Elizabeth Lloyd was attending a little league baseball game and decided to sit on a picnic table right beside a field. The team's catcher was helping the pitcher warming up when the ball hit Elizabeth in the face. The kids surrounded her and asked if she was hurt, she replied with a simple "I'm ok."After two years she decided to sue the 11-year-old catcher, Matthew Migliaccio, with a $150,000 lawsuit. That's got to be one of the most bizarre lawsuits. It's common for people to get hit by balls when kids are playing nearby and what's more interesting is that it took her two years to realize that the ball had done damage to her face.

2. Sued himself, one of the most bizarre lawsuits.

The man decided to sue himself for $5 million. He had sued the prison many times but always lost, that's when he decided to try something different, he sued himself. His reason was that he had violated his rights when he got drunk and ruined his life.You must be thinking how did he think will that benefit him? Well, he also stated that since he is not working inside the prison, he has no money to pay himself. It's the state duty then to pay him the money he owns to himself. Needless to say, he lost the case.

3. Sued Subway for its Footlong sandwiches.

Subway is quite famous for their Footlong sandwiches. The name makes it quite clear to what to expect from the sandwich. Well, but I don't think anyone ever thought to measure the sandwich until two men in New Jersey. They measured their Footlong sandwich and found that instead of the promised 12 inches the sandwich is only 11.5 inches.They filed a class action lawsuit on subway demanding that they pay for the damages and also change their practices. 

4. Batman sued Batman over Batman

You might not know this, but there is a city named Batman in Turkey. But we all know about the superhero character, Batman. According to the mayor of Batman city, "There is only one Batman in the city." The mayor sued the director of Batman movie for using the name of his city without permission.

5. Sued Coffee for being too hot, this bizarre lawsuit won.

Stella Liebeck is an 80-year-old woman who bought hot coffee from a drive-through of MacDonald's. As she removed the lid, the whole coffee got spilled on her lap. The coffee burned her thigh, groin area, and buttocks. She was hospitalized for eight days and had to undergo skin grafting. She sued MacDonald's.People criticized her saying that coffee is supposed to be hot. But MacDonald's serves its coffee between 180 and 190 degrees with is higher that other establishments. Stella asked for $800 from MacDonald's, enough to cover the amount required for her injuries but MacDonald's declined. Ultimately, MacDonald's had to settle for $2.7 Million.

6. Sued homeless people for $1 million. 

Karl Kemp, the owner of a high-end antique shop, Karl Kemp Antiques, located on Madison Avenue in New York City got frustrated with homeless people living outside his for past two years and decided to take action.He filed a lawsuit against four of the homeless people for one million dollars claiming that they are scaring away his customers. He sought a court order to keep them a hundred feet away from his shop. Obviously, if they had a million dollar, then this problem wouldn't have even taken place.

7. An insurance company sued a 78-year-old lady for her slippery driveway.

Dolores Tanel, a worker for a local meal delivery company, slipped on a patch of ice while walking through the driveway of Anne Keipper.Three years later the insurance company of Dolores filed a lawsuit against Keipper to pay for the medical expenses of Dolores who hurt herself because she fell on her icy driveway.

8. Sued a dry cleaner shop for misplacing his pants.

Judge Roy L. Pearson was so devastated because of his misplaced pants that he filed such a bizarre lawsuit against the dry cleaners responsible for it that it cost him his repo and his job.On the first day of hearing Pearson could not control his emotions and cried for his lost pants. He first asked for $67 Million as compensation from the Custom Cleaners for losing his pants. He decided to be reasonable and dropped his claim to only $54 million for his $1000 pants. You'd think that the case would be dismissed on the first day but believe it or not it went for three months before it was laid at rest.What makes it funnier is that the dry cleaners had found the pants two days after they lost them but Pearson refused to take them back.Recommended Story - 16 Unbelievable Things That Are Legal In America