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People Still Think Sunny Leone Is A Prostitute And THIS Is The Proof

It's pretty bad to hear and talk about this. But for now, nothing can be done except disliking what's happening. I am regularly following Sunny Leone on Instagram and I just love the way she is. But there are many assumptions and perceptions Indians have, for her. Her past is still dominating her present life and many people actually think she is still a *PORN STAR* and *PROSTITUTE*.Sounds disappointing, isn't it?

Everybody has a past.

Remember, once Sunny Leone's statement surfaced on the Internet when she told: "I am not a prostitute, everybody has a past?"

We all know Sunny Leone is struggling to become an established actress in Bollywood.

She is no more into porn industry now. She wants to have more prestigious roles in Bollywood and wants to be counted as rest of the divas in the industry.

She has even adopted a little girl and proved her generosity.

Like many other actors and actresses, she is into charity and other humanitarian deeds.

But even after years of leaving adult film industry, it's sad that many people still remember her as porn star.

And I came to this conclusion after reading out several opinions about her.

I remember the time when she shared some of the pictures from her Nepal trip.

Here Sunny is wearing a Nepalese national hat. The couple was seen happily spending time in Nepal.

They shared their moments of joys with their fans on Instagram.

But in between all this, I spotted something bitter.

Many of the fans were commenting that she looked beautiful in those pictures...


Among many, some were passing this kind of comments on her.

A few comments from haters indicated her as a prostitute. I felt so sad seeing this.

No worries Sunny, life goes on...

We still love you!