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He Is In Love With A Sex Doll And The Height He Goes To Showcase It Is Shocking

You must have got surprised and curious both at the same time after going through the subject of this story. Well, this story relates someone’s feeling of being lonely, the state of love and how someone can get emotionally attached to a sex doll. It highly proves that everyone seeks love in one or the other form.Let’s have a small peek into another kind of love that is captured by a photographer in its truest form.Read also- Man dying of cancer marries a sex doll

South Korean photographer June spends time with love doll Eva.

34-year-old June has purchased a sex doll and named it Eva after experiencing the deepest sense of loneliness.

He captures beautiful pictures of the moments he spends with her.

He has shared his feelings and expressed that he feels lonely at home after coming from parties, waking up in bed and even in the happiest moments of his life.

‘People, moments and memories I wanted to last forever have left me alone.’

These are the words of photographer and that is why he brought up Eva to fill the gap.

The best thing about Eva he says is that she is never gonna leave him alone.

He knows that Eva will stay in every up and down of his life.

He spends every moment of his life and even seizures those moments by clicking photographs.

He takes Eva along with him everywhere for shopping, dining, traveling and experiences every ordinary feeling with her.

The love between them is unexplainable. It is beyond words.

This is perfectly constructed fantasy which includes June and Eva.

The photographer wishes Google to implant AlphaGo into Eva so that she can experience real life.