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11 Shocking Lesser Known Facts About Ramayana 

Since we were children, we get to hear a lot about Ramayana. We heard almost everything about Lord Rama, Goddess Sita, Ravana, and Hanuman. All of this was told to us by our grandparents. But even they don't know much about the unknown truth of Ramayana.There are so many facts that will tell us more about Ramayana. And these are some of the interesting facts that not even your grandparents are aware of. Read ahead to know about them.

1. Dasharatha was 60 years old when he organised the Yagya for the birth of Lord Rama.

2. According to Valmiki's Ramayana, there was no such incident mentioned that Lord Rama lifted the bow and break it.

3. According to Ramayana, Parshuram came when Rama was returning back to Ayodhya after swayamvar and not in the middle of the swayamvar, as it is believed.

4. Surpanakha's husband died in a fight when Ravana was away and because of that Surpanakha cursed Ravana that she will be the reason for his death.

5. Lord Brahma sent Indradev to Goddess Sita with kheer and Indradev used magic to make everyone sleep in Ashok Vatika before meeting Goddess Sita.

6. When Ravana went to Kailash he mocked Nandi and Nandi cursed him that a monkey will become a reason for his destruction.

7. Lanka's original ruler was Ravana's stepbrother Kuber and Ravana achieved Lanka after defeating Kuber.

8. Ravana was a very learned person. He also loved to play Veena and that's why the flag of Lanka has a sign of Veena in it.

9. When Vibhishan advised Ravana to drop the idea of fighting with Ram, he said that if Ram is a human he will win Sita and if he is a God then he will gain Moksha.

10. After the Goddess of the earth took Sita, her son Kush also followed her. Lord Ram was not able to bear the loss, and he also submerged himself in Sarayu river.

11. It was believed that Lakshmana didn't sleep for 14 years so that he can protect Rama and Sita and his sleep was shared by his wife Urmila.

This is an unknown truth of Ramayana that Urmila played a very important role in the death of Meghnath because Meghnath could only be killed by a man who hasn't slept for 14 years. So these were some of the unknown facts of Ramayana that not many people know about. Hope you guys liked this.