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Ever Wondered Why Some People Can Roll Their Tongue And Some Can't? We know The Answer

Almost every one of you in ‘your time’ has practiced rolling off the tongue. I remember when I was trying to roll up my tongue in the biology class and my teacher told me that it is not the thing everyone can do as it is all related to genetics.That time, I just accepted what she said and didn’t mull over it but later when I saw my younger brother trying the same, I decided to actually know the reason behind not being able to roll over the tongue. Yes, I found that it is completely inaccurate that ‘rolling up tongue depends on genetics’.So for now as you all know that anyone can try doing it, let’s learn the quick steps and roll it up. Whoa!Recommended story: Tongue reveals a lot about personality

# Tongue is the most flexible human organ and you can practice 'n' number of tricks with it.

# Earlier, genetics was thought to be the reason behind being able to roll up the tongue.

Well, the earlier studies said that if your parents can do it you too will be able to do it but this study has completely proved wrong as genes are not the determining factor.

# John McDonald, a biologist explained the whole scenario.

He told that in 1952, Philip Matlock demonstrated that 7 out of 33 identical twins did not show their siblings’ gift as if rolling tongue was genetic then twins would have shared it.

# Easy steps to roll, flip, fold and mold the tongue.