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Brendan Fraser's Epic Transformation Will Make Every Other Then & Now Look Bad

Brendan Fraser is one of those Hollywood actors who are no longer as famous as they once were. Remember him in The Mummy? This is not to say that he is no longer a capable actor. It just means that many other people have taken the spotlight, perhaps because of their age, looks, or sheer talent.Because of this, people have this old image of Brendan Fraser. But what does he actually look like now? Find out below!

Back then, Brendan Fraser received a ton of money for accepting movie roles.

Check out this shot of him in the 1997 film titled George of the Jungle. He was incredibly fit!

Obviously, his most famous role was in The Mummy.

The Mummy was one of those awesome summer popcorn flicks, way before superheroes and Young Adult novel adaptations arrived.

And in 1999, Brendan Fraser starred in the hilarious film called Dudley Do-Right.

In fact, the movie also had the wondrous Sarah Jessica Parker, but that did not help save the film in getting back at least $70 million for all the production costs.

In 2008, he still looked quite handsome.

This poster was made to promote Journey to the Center of the Earth, which is another adventure film.

Likewise, Brendan Fraser also appeared in another movie in 2008.

This time, he was in Inkheart, which is both a fantasy and an adventure film. The movie is actually based on the book of the same name, and it earned enough to recuperate any expenses.

This is what he looked like in 2015.

I know what you're thinking. How can Brendan Fraser look so old if all you thought of him was how handsome he was in George of the Jungle? Well, that's how aging works, honey.

But don't worry, he looks happy after all.

Even if he has gained a bit of weight and became less attractive, he still seems like he enjoys whatever he is doing.

At least Brendan Fraser had another opportunity to act in 2015.

He acted as a Texas Ranger in the television miniseries titled Texas Rising, which was shown on the History Channel.

Moreover, he will also appear in two more movies!

This means that Brendan Fraser is still sought after even after his young years have gone by.

Let us hope that Brendan Fraser receives the popularity he deserves.

Even with the rumor that Tom Cruise will be the main character in the new The Mummy film, Brendan Fraser should not be sad. He knows what he is capable of doing, and he has already achieved so much.Don't forget to share this with your family and friends!