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1. Balancing the books by 2015.

In 2010, Cameron had vowed that in the coming 5-year span, all books will be balanced which means the economy will be stable but has failed time and again in keeping up with his promise. His government has failed to meet the expectations on the economic front. Stats show that the deficit is set to be more than £73 billion this year.

No reorganisations of the NHS.

Before the 2010 elections, David Cameron had promised that no reorganizations of the NHS will be formed. He clearly said that "No more pointless reorganizations." Despite opposition from health professionals, patients and public the biggest reorganization of the NHS took place.For more information on the NHS you can read here.The reorganization of NHS was the government's biggest mistake according to some senior conservatives.


No increase in VAT

David Cameron had "no plans" of increasing VAT before the 2010 elections but the promise was immediately broken by him when the VAT was hiked by 20%. This move resulted in costing an additional £450 per year for a family with children.

Failed to be the most family friendly government

David Cameron had said that he wanted to provide the people with the most family friendly government ever but he failed to do so. His policies and decisions have affected the people adversely. His childcare policies have been massively delayed.


Great "green" Britain

David Cameron said that he wanted to lead a government which promotes green Britain, but Cameron has failed in doing so. Since 2010 Cameron led government has been cutting support for solar panels on homes and industrial solar projects. The government has scrapped the green deal to help people insulate homes. 

Good careers and well-paid jobs

In his leadership acceptance speech, Cameron had said that he wanted youngsters to have good careers and well-paid jobs in the coming years and he failed to fulfil the statement. Youngsters who are about to enter the universities have a face which is burdened with decades of debt as a result of trebled tuition fees.


Dignity for old age people.

In his December 2005 acceptance speech he pledged that the safety, the dignity in old age will be the priority of the government. But there have been cuts in the social care which have hit the elderly hard while the plans to introduce a cap on social care costs have been delayed until 2020.We wish David Cameron all the best for his next responsibility.