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30 Years Have Passed And This Is How The Ramayana Cast Looks Like Now

In the year 1986, Ramanand Sagar started a show which turned out to be the biggest epic show ever made in the television industry, Ramayana. Since then it has become more of a trend now in the television industry to have at least one of these kinds of shows running round the year. And it's because everyone started worshipping the cast of Ramayana as if they are the real Gods.  But it has been a very long time, and now the cast has aged entirely. And now these iconic characters are no more seen on the television screen because now there are newer versions of the same. So, today we are going to relive the time when Ramayana was the most awaited show of the day. And that's we have the list of all the main characters of the show, and it's you who will decide that whether they have aged gracefully or not.

1. Arun Govil as Ram.

No one has seen Lord Ram in his human form, but this man here has always been the real-life Ram for me. Arun Govil played his character so nicely that people started seeing him as real Ram. He was mature enough in his acting and he surely won millions of hearts.

2. Deepika Chikhalia as Sita.

This beautiful actress did the complete justice to her character of Sita. People used to touch her feets believing that she indeed is real Sita.

3. Sunil Lehri as Laxman.

Sunil Lehri has changed a lot after Ramayana, but now he looks more mature and experienced. Maybe his character taught him a lot of things.

3. Anjali Vyas as Urmila.

Anjali Vyas played the role of Urmila (Laxman's wife). Her character was so strong that it is still engraved in our hearts.

5. Dara Singh as Hanuman.

Dara Singh is no more with us. But he played the character in Ramayana that suited his personality completely.

6. Lalita Pawar as Manthra.

Lalita Pawar is one of the most talented actresses of the industry. She played the role of evil Manthra and played it so nicely that people started hating her because they thought that she is the reason why their beloved Ram and Sita were struggling in the jungle. 

7. Sulakshana Khatri as Mandavi.

Sulakshana Khatri played the role of Bharat's wife Mandavi and people loved her for her character. 

8. Padma Khanna as Kaykeyi.

Padma Khanna portrayed Kaykeyi's character in the show which is one of the toughest characters of Ramayana. But she did it so well that everyone started considering her as real life Kaykeyi.

9. Bal Dhuri as Dashrath.

Bal Dhuri's character was the most important character of the show. He was the base of the show, and he proved to be a strong support of the show.Ramayan itself is very inspiring, and these Ramayana characters added life to the show. I hope that this change that has occurred in the cast of Ramayana till now will be enticing for you. So share it with everyone.Recommended story: Andaz Apna Apna cast then and now