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Lucky Actors Who Got To Work In Harry Potter And Game Of Thrones!

The Harry Potter series has been one of its kind, and truly an unforgettable thing. So is the case with Game of Thrones. Any actor might consider himself to be fortunate to have been a part of any one of these two super hits.But, as they say, there are still luckier ones, always! So, here is a list of the actors who have been so lucky so as to be a part of both the epic series. 

Michelle Fairley

She had a small role as Hermonie's mom in Harry Potter and the deathly hallows. And, she is widely knows as the fierce Catelyn Stark in GoT.

David Bradley

He played Argus Filch in Harry Potter as the caretaker. And, not surprisingly he plays Walder Frey, the betrayer of the Stark family in Game of Thrones.

Freddi Stroma

He irritated Hermonie as Cormac McLaggen in Harry Potter, and appeared in the 6th season as Sam Tarly’s younger brother Dickon.

Aragog the spider (voiced by Julian Glover)

He didn't appear in Happry Potter, but his voice, Julian appeared himself, as Grand Maester Pycelle.

Natalie Tena

She is admired for her work in Harry Potter as Nymphadora Tonks. She appeared in GoT as Osha the wilding.

Ian Whyte

He played the whole body shots of Madame Olympe Maxime. He played various characters in GoT like White Walker, the Mountain in season 2, and Wun Wun the giant.

Nicholas Blane

In Harry Potter he played Bob, a wizard who worked with Arthur Weasley at the Ministry of Magic. He played the spice king in GoT.

Bronson Webb

He played one of the Draco Malfoy’s fellow Slytherins in Harry Potter, and Will, a member of the Night’s Watch, in GoT.

Ralph Ineson

He played Death Eater Amycus Carrow in Harry Potter, and Dagmer Cleftjaw in GoT.

Sally Mortemore

She portrayed the Hogwarts librarian in “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.” She came in GoT as Braavosi woman.