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Drunk Woman Turns Into A Witch After This 7-Year-Old Splashes Her By Mistake

Alcohol is the root cause behind many of the vices existing in our society. Undoubtedly it makes us "high" on life, but what is the point in having fun when all you remember is nothing. A fit as a fiddle person can be turned into a maniac if alcohol is taken beyond limits. This is the reason why it is the best when taken at the right place, the right time, and in the right amount.This woman was absurdly drunk when a little boy splashed some water over her on a beach. And, what she did in reflex will make you go insane!Recommended story: - Alcohol-related world records

Clearwater beach, Florida is the heaven on Earth.

The crystal clear water and the white sand that stretches as far as the eyes can see. This place can make you feel peaceful to the fullest, and nothing else.

The pool inside a resort right there.

This place recently became a spot of an assault.

A 7-year-old was playing inside the pool.

He was accompanied by some other of his friends when he playfully splashed water over the 23-year-old Roseanna Kiser.

She wasn't that peaceful within!

In a horrific act, she poured vodka that she was drinking over the boy's face and into his eyes. Then, she grabbed him by the chest, and pushed him away!

The police arrived.

But, till then, Roseanna was already in her room and in no mood of getting arrested. She lashed at the officers, kicking one in the groin.

They then managed to handcuff her.

She was charged with child abuse, and was released after paying $12,000 in bail.We don't know if the boy suffered injuries from the incident, but it was surely a disastrous one for him.