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The Reason Why This Father Wanted To Have A Scar On His Head Will Shake You

St. Baldrick's Foundation is a charity foundation that donates for all those kids who suffer from childhood cancer. Every year this organization hosts an event that encourages fathers to go bald so that their children won't feel bad about losing their hair after a cancer operation. This event is called as the best bald dad competition. This year also the event was hosted, and they got a number of submissions. But the one who won was not just bald but also had a unique tattoo. The name of the winner is Josh-J Mash Marshall. He won this competition because his tattoo was considered as the biggest tribute to his son. He got himself a tattoo that resembled the surgery scar of his son. He did this because he had a feeling that his son will feel bad about this scar and just to avoid the uneasiness of his son's mind he got himself this tattoo. And he got the appropriate appreciation for his sacrifice by the Baldrick's Foundation.He was not the only one who did something like this. Many other fathers also gave their kids a tribute by going bald. Though this man tops the list, we cannot ignore other people's tribute also.Read the article to know everything in detail.

St. Baldrick's Foundation is a charity organiZation that donates for childhood cancer.

Every year they host an event for bald dads. It's for those fathers who sacrifice their hair for their kids.

This year also the event was held and the winner was Josh-J Mash Marshall. 

His child has brain cancer and for that, he had to go through the surgery which got him a weird scar on his head.

Josh Marshall got himself a tattoo that matches the surgery scar of his child so that he won't feel bad about the scar.

And he secured first place in this competition for getting a tattoo exactly like his child's surgery scar.

We all appreciate his doing, and we all believe that this man gave his son the biggest tribute by getting a tattoo like this. So share it with everyone and encourage everyone to donate for cancer patients.Recommended story: Genius tattoo cover ups