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10 Things You Should Know About Late Jo Cox

Great Britain really lost a very valuable personality.Great Britain was truly saddened and shocked by a very unexpected event that happened in relation to their political landscape yesterday, June 16, 2016: Member of the Parliament Jo Cox was shot dead and stabbed in an expectedly safe place in Birstall, West Yorkshire.This brilliant Labour Party politician for Batley and Spen holds many principles for her constituency, respects diversity, believes in the power of activism to make things work, and stands for the interest of whoever she should be serving for. Knowing her professional and personal background, people would truly regret losing this strong political soul. Apart from her political name and all the causes people know about her at a very narrow level, Jo Cox possesses more interesting and deeper information forming her very persona. On her recent death, it is truly just to remember her contribution the society,  her career path, as well as her personal causes so we would elevate our appreciation on herAs we honor Jo Cox, make time to remember ten of the facts you should know about her.

1. Helen Joan "Jo" Cox was born on June 22, 1974.

She was raised in Heckmondwike,  where her mother worked as a school secretary, and her father as a worker in a toothpaste and hairspray factory.   

2. Her early education

Before being the first in the family who attended a university, Jo Cox attended Heckmondwike Grammar School--a technological and language educational institution. 

3. Universities attended by Jo Cox

Jo Cox was able to complete a degree in Social and Political Studies at Pembroke College, Cambridge. Later on, she took educational units at the London School of Economics.

4. Before getting into politics, she practiced her profession by being an adviser to political personalities.

After completing her educational degree, Jo Cox served as a social and politcal adviser to Joan Walley, also a British Labour party politician representing Stoke-On-Trent North (1987-2015). Moreover, Cox moved to Brussels to become then Member of the European Parliament Glenys Kinnock. 

5. Jo Cox has high regards on women empowerment and gender rights.

She was a senior campaigner and political strategist on equality and discrimination under the Labour Women's Network. Historically, Jo Cox was given the opportunity to head this stronghold network for feminine rights. 

6. Causes joined by Jo Cox.

According to reports, Jo Cox took part in striving for anti-slavery rights through the charity institution Freedom Fund, where she was also hailed as its Senior Adviser. Jo Cox was also seen supporting the Earth Hour campaign hosted by the World Wild Fund (WWF), where she pledged to push for the country's low-carbon emission.

7. Family life and marriage life of Jo Cox

Jo Cox got married to Brendan Cox, who became Gordon Brown's--British Labour Party politician who served as the Prime Minister in the United Kingdom (2007-2010)--adviser for international development. At present, their marital relationship bore two offsprings aged five and three.

7.  Jo Cox got nominated by the Labour Party for the constituency of her birth town in 2015.

The Batley and Spen constituency gave her 43,2% of the overall votes, which made her secure the political seat.

9. Major political stance 

In the span of her service, she made the world proud of her stance and heart for the people. She fought for the United Kingdom to cater more Syrian refugees, and made the issue on immigration a priority agenda in the Parliament. Also, she is pushing for the retention of Great Britain as part of the European Union--a large network of political institutions across Europe. 

10. Police from West Yorkshire announced that Jo Cox died at Leeds General Infirmary.

According to records, this tragic event involving a death of a national politician was the most violent political death in Great Britain's history for more than 25 years.