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Kim Kardashian Discusses Something Unbelievable About Her Sex Life On Kanye's Birthday

"Since it was Kanye's birthday week, I did a little research about Libras and Gemini and found out they are a perfect match!," Kim wrote on her website. Kim and Kanye, #bestfriend goals recently celebrated Kanye's 39th birthday full of love and lust. Yes, lust?! I know, you won't even think twice when I say lust. Kim is bound to share her secret sex life on the social media and with her love so strong, why would a person even deny sharing it. It was Kanye's birthday on June 9 and Kim posted on the social media, a picture barely kissing her hubby on his lips. No wonder the couple sync so much. It is a match made in heaven. 

Kim posted a lovely picture of them lip locking. 

They have always been about each other. 

And, how can we forget baby North? 

It was the sweetest message ever. Calling him her best friend. #goals

Kim spoke about her sex life on her website mentioning that she and Kanye are the perfect match according to their zodiac signs.

Libra/Gemini sex gets a 5 star rating. 

She even said that baby #3 isn't far away and with these signs, fans would soon get to hear about a baby soon.