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11 Hacks Girls Should Know To Have Comfortable High Heels

Many a time girls face a lot of problems regarding heels and the most common are blisters and pain in their legs. It's really a challenge to get comfortable high heels without compromising one or the other thing. Now, what if you get to know about simple ways to make you feel comfortable in heels. It will be bliss, right? So here, we have some of the easy and simple ways of turning your killer heels into comfortable heels.Read ahead to know more about it.Recommended story: Alarming reasons why you must quit wearing heels.

1. Tape your toes together.

Using duct tape while wearing high heels will help you in avoiding any kind of extra pressure in your veins, hence, resulting in no swelling. You just need to tape your second and third toe together.

2. Use roll on deodorant on edges.

Using roll on deodorants will avoid blisterings in your feet, and also it will become easier for you to slide your feet inside.

3. Use zip bags filled with water to break them properly.

New heels are always very tight and to break that, simply put a zip bag filled with water inside your heels and then put it in the freezer. Later on, break the ice inside your heels. This will stretch your heels perfectly making it easier for you to adjust your feet.

4. Blow dry your socks and use them as your insoles.

Put on a pair of socks and then put on your heels and then blow dry your socks. Use them as your insoles all day long. This way you will be able to break more easily inside your heels.

5. Use dry shampoo to avoid sweat.

Sweaty feet can make you fall or can also give you boils and blisters. To avoid this use dry shampoo on your feet before wearing heels. 

6. Don't switch from heels to flats directly.

It's good to let your feet adjust to the height difference. For that, you should switch from high heels to low heels and later on to flats.

7. Use sandpaper to avoid slipping.

Rub sandpaper at the bottom of your heels to avoid your heels from slipping and from making you fall face first. 

8. Use cushions to get comfortable with high heels.

Cushions inside your heels are always bliss. These cushions will make you feel comfortable inside your killer heels. If you don't get pre-attached cushions, then buy them and place them inside your heels.

9. Give your feet a soak.

Make sure that you soak your feet in lukewarm water for 20 minutes before the night you are going to wear your heels. This will soften your feet resulting in adjusting your feet easily.

10. Shop for high heels at night.

It is believed that your feet swell by the time the sun sets, and if the shoe fits by that time, that means that's the right size of heels for your feet.

11. Use vaseline to shine your heels.

When you want your heels to shine use vaseline, and that will really help you in making your heels look shiny and beautiful.Hope you liked it. Share it with every heel crazy girl.