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14 Surprising Facts About Tom Cruise No One Told You Before

Tom Cruise is one of the most talented and well-regarded actors of his time and also one amongst the highest paid actors in the world. He has been in the industry for more than 30 years and it may seem that the tabloids have exposed every thing about Tom Cruise's life but I bet there are some bits that you don't know about him.And here they are! These facts about Tom Cruise you will surely love to know.

A true and passionate actor. He never allows his stuntman to do his action scenes. He does it all.  

Remember the opening scene from Mission Impossible, it was him and not any one else. 

He was to be a wrestler, he was known for his athletic prowess than his acting ability but...

...when he injured his knee while wrestling, he decided to give audition for the role of protagonist in the school production, Guys and Dolls and, the rest is history.

You can never ever have Tom Cruise toys. You know why? 

Because Tom is very adamant about the fact that he does not want any toys modeled after him.

You cannot disagree with the fact that Les is one of the best characters Tom played till date. 

Be it reel life or the real life he is a hero. 

In 1998, he saved a woman from being mugged and he chased away the attackers.

It doesn't end here, there are many incidents when he proved out to be the world's greatest action star. 

Once he saw a woman get struck by a car, he took her to the hospital and when he found that she didn't have insurance, he paid her medical bill of $7,000.  

I know it is hard to imagine anyone else except for Robert Downey but if it was Tom, I'm sure he could have been another marvel action hero. 

It's been more than 3 years and he has not seen his daughter...but why? 

Because the church said he might have to leave his religion if he does that. 

Did you know that Tom actually got his pilot license after filming Top Gun, isn't it amazing? 

Tom is so good at his stunts that in Jack Reacher he made a mistake in the scene but the director left it that way. 

WOW, his total net worth is $480 million! 

Seriously unbelievable, the sunglass he wore in Risky Business became so popular that it increased the sales of Ray-Ban by 2000%. 

At one point, he actually wanted to become a priest but he was kicked out for boozing. LOL. That's sad!