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This Mom Suffered A Car Accident But What She Did For Her Baby Is Unbelievable!

Mothers are certainly the most unconditionally loving species on this planet. They are always willing to take good care of their sons and daughters. All over the world, moms experience different challenges and unexpected instances which force them to think about things and choose which among such would be better for whom she really cares for. Apparently, some news would tell us that amidst these hardships, good stories are still there to be told.If you would know this story about a New Zealand mom, you will certainly be inspired. No matter how painful she's experienced in a very unexpected life event involving her and her loved one, her decision has always been loyal to her offspring. Recommended story: - Mother Had Coma After Using This

Danni Bett lives in Christchurch, New Zealand together with her infant Indi

One day, at a very unexpected time of their lives, they got involved in a car crash, located 10 minutes away from their hometown.

Danni and her daughter just had a quick visit to her father, when the car did not perform in a very safe way

Danni lost her control due to a pile of gravel on the road. Then she smashed into a metal fence. 

The next thing she remembered was her car that's damaged severely, or "totaled"

People near the vicinity checked out the scene and approached them to see how they've been. All Danni said was only to get her baby out of the damaged vehicle.

Indi was safe and sound, but when the people started to respond, she started to cry.

The commotion got bigger as time passes by. Good thing, paramedics were there to respond easily, so the mother and child were brought to Christchurch Hospital for medical assessment and response.

Going back to Danni, she's committed some physical injuries that really look too painful

Based on the reports, Danni had a shooting spike that ran down her neck, hips and back. By the time she's about to be treated with painkillers, she refused because she was too concerned about the hungry Indi, crying like she really needs some food. Although doctors advised to just give Indi a bottled milk, the mother strongly refused as she wanted the baby to just drink through breastfeeding. What a touching moment it is for them! 

So, Danni requested and breastfed the little 2-year-old.

Danni's commitment was to calm Indi, and as a mother who 'knows best' for her young, she thinks that breastfeeding is the best thing to do. 

There you go, calmness for Indi was achieved, and Danni's role as a mother was fulfilled.

She said that she requested to have four hours without any chemical medication for her young. She really makes sure that everything is all right. What a strong mom. You are worth the honor and pride. Inspiring, indeed.