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Kareena Finally Reveals About Her Pregnancy Rumors, This Is What She Has To Say!

After Riteish and Genelia's second baby there were rumors regarding Kareena's pregnancy that were doing the rounds and everyone was saying that Saifeena are expecting their first baby. These rumors started after Kareena and Saif's return from their London vacation.After that where ever Kareena went cameras followed her like a predator. That's why when she went for the UNICEF event in Lucknow everyone started saying that she was seen hiding her baby bump. But now all our thoughts are set to rest after Kareena's statement regarding her pregnancy.Here's what she have to say about these ongoing rumors.  

Kareena and Saif went to London for a relaxing vacation few weeks ago.

When they returned from London, Kareena's pregnancy rumors started flowing everywhere.

Then in the UNICEF event, she was seen hiding her stomach again and again and that made everyone even more suspicious.

The loose dress and her behaviour in the event gave wind to the roaring fire of her pregnancy.

When Randhir Kapoor was questioned about Kareena's pregnancy, he said that he have no idea about this and also added that Kareena should think about it now.

Finally, Kareena decided that it's high time and she should address this rumor personally.

Her answer is not what we were expecting and that completely disappointed everyone. She said that she is not pregnant.

She also said that the news of her pregnancy makes her pretty excited about it but it's not the right time. I can hear the shattering hearts.