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Dimpy Ganguly Reveals That She Is Pregnant By Showing Off Her Baby Bump On Instagram

The whole Bollywood world is celebrating the season of babies. The new name added to this list is Rahul Mahajan's ex-wife Dimpy Ganguly. Yes! Dimpy Ganguly is pregnant with her first baby and she shared this amazing news with everyone via Instagram.She has also shared her beautiful journey with her husband on Instagram. She flaunted her baby bump and this is now going on all over the internet. Here are the photos of Dimpy Ganguly which will give you a glimpse of her happy life. 

Dimply Ganguly married her Dubai-based boyfriend Rohit Roy in February last year.

Rohit proposed Dimpy with a diamond ring of Tifanny and Co.

Last year on this very day Dimpy and Rohit decided to live their life together and now she posted a photo that clearly flaunts her baby bump. 

Her first marriage with Rahul Mahajan was a rocky one but now she seems happy and she is enjoying her life with Rohit.

Here we have photos of really special moments of Dimpy Ganguly and Rohit Roy. 

Dimpy's first marriage with Rahul Mahajan was a rocky one. But it seems like her marriage she is enjoying her married life with Rohit.

In this photo, she is seen kissing Rohit secretly and everyone is spying on them.